comp2_High Energy, High Power

High energy, High power

comp2_ Modular and scalable

Modular and scalable

comp2_ Over 500MWh commissioned

Over 500MWh commissioned

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Helios X1 Platform

Packed with high energy and high power, scalable from KWh to MWh and compatible with various PCS (Power Conversion Systems), SolarEdge Helios X1 Containerized BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) has been installed in utilities, micro-grids, off-grids, and C&I environments, either attached to renewable energy sources or the grid, providing support for load leveling, peak shaving, black start, frequency regulation, and other use cases.

The Helios X1 Platform provides system integrators, EPCs, and developers flexibility and agility during design, installation, and commissioning of their BESS.


comp4_Design, Manage, Commission, Support

Design, Management, Commissioning, Support

SolarEdge provides top of the line services from technical consulting, project management, long-term performance monitoring, maintenance and more, enabling our customers to overcome both technical and commercial challenges throughout any project lifecycle. Complemented by our product performance warantee, we are committed to delivering high value to our customers.



The flexible design of SolarEdge products allows system integrators, developers and EPCs to develop the best-fit solutions for a broad range of applications while simultaneously reducing cost and complexity. The modularity of the Helius X1 platform hardware and software, the robustness of safety mechanisms and the simplicity of our air-cooled system, enable us to configure the Helius X1 Platform to meet the desired use case and objectives of the end-customer.



Flexible and scalable from KWh to MWh, we offer a wide variety of modules and racks with various configurations to ensure that our customers harvest the maximum energy possible.

comp4_End-to-end solution

End-to-end Solution

SolarEdge end-to-end BESS solutions are designed with purpose-built hardware and software to enable smooth and quick set-up and integration on site.

Our complementary products include battery protection units (BPU), battery connection panels (BCP), battery management systems (BMS) and external fuse boxes. These play an essential role in the system setup, safety management and performance.

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High Energy Density, High Power, High Cycle Life

SolarEdge End-To-End BESS solution is designed to meet the most demanding use cases and help you scale as you grow. Let’s connect.