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comp3_ 8000 cycles-1

8000 cycles

comp3_ High energy density

High energy density

comp3- High C rate

High c-rate

Component 4- of Sella 2

Sella2 GWh Battery Plant

SolarEdge addresses the limitations associated with conventional lithium-ion battery technologies, including cycle and calendar life, safety, recharge time, power delivery, and operating temperatures.

Ensuring the highest quality and reliability throughout the manufacturing process from mixing to packing, our Sella2 GWh factory in South Korea manufactures high-performing lithium-ion batteries for stationary and mobile applications.

Component 4-2



Component 4-



Component 4-2



Component 4-3



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Features and Benefits

  • High-power performance
  • High-charge/discharge energy efficiency
  • High-energy density
  • High-gravimetric and volumetric power density
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent power-to-energy balance
  • Longer cycle and calendar life
  • Low self-discharge rates
  • Low impedance and low heat generation


  • BESS (C&I, Utility), UPS, Commercial and industrial EV, Marine
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The “Z”-folded Edge

SolarEdge’s patented Z-folding manufacturing technology with highly advanced lithium-ion and thin film laminations enhances the overall performance and quality of the battery cells.

The Z-folded stacking and special coating method reduces internal resistance while increasing efficiency, power, and cycle life, and decreasing energy loss when charging or discharging in high temperatures.

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High Energy Density, High Power, High Cycle Life

Reliable NMC lithium-ion battery cells for any mission.