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Component 3- Implementing BESS

Implementing energy storage solutions in Commercial and Industrial (C&I) environments provide many advantages. However, there are many aspects to consider before, during and after the implementation, in order to appropriately leverage this investment, meet desired objectives and manage risks.

Energy Storage represents a unique opportunity for C&I customers to tackle:

  • Rising energy costs and demand
  • Increasing need for resilience against grid stability and natural events
  • Adoption of renewable energy sources
Micro Grid and Off Grid

Micro-grid and off-grid locations (“islands”) are often considered to be “weak grids,” where frequent interruptions in the supply of electricity and black-out events are commonly experienced. The increasing renewable add-ons introduce additional risks to network operators as the intermittent generation of energy intensifies the fluctuation of grid frequency and voltage. BESS can help strengthen the grid by providing frequency and voltage control, black-start services and even spinning reserve services in case of sudden disruptions in the supply side occurs.

SolarEdge energy storage solutions integrate as part of an intelligent electrical ecosystem for islands which is designed to ensure the  utilization and stability of the islands’ renewable energy generation potential. To appropriately and successfully take advantage and commission a BESS in a micro-grid setting, a clear understanding and analysis of the application (use case), the BESS mission profile, desired objectives and risks, is required.

That is what we call Fit For Purpose!

Self Consumption/ Back Up

Decentralized generation such as PV coupled with BESS, can bring significant savings on electricity bills while lowing the reliance on the external power grid. Deploying a BESS as a back-up power source may also provides a sense of ease and allows business owners to carry out their everyday life amidst a power outage. BESS having high availability and reliability with a long service life can go a long way to support business owners with continuous power and greater autonomy.

Demand Charge / Peak Shaving

Commercial and industrial business owners can significantly reduce peak demand charges by investing in a BESS, which can be used to shift daily peak demands from times of the day when energy is more expensive to hours with a lower cost per kWh. Although the return on investment may vary depending on the energy demand characteristics and the utilities billing structure, increasing energy costs and the advancement in the BESS technology has increased the potential to save costs for business owners.

VPP (Virtual Power Plant)

BESS play a decisive role in the establishment of Virtual Power Plants (VPP), which is essentially an integration of decentralized energy sources, orchestrated by a centralized control system. VPP improves the affordability of electricity by using cost-effective resources and accelerates the decarbonization of the power sector. It also enhances grid reliability and resilience and allows consumers to play an active role in the arbitrage market. BESS embedded with smart control systems and feature high energy density, efficiency and availability can be used to support VPP services.

Renewable Energy Curtailment

Reduce curtailing renewable generation assets when demand is low and renewable generation high system-wide oversupply of power and transmission constraints are often thought out to be the two main reasons behind renewable energy curtailment. BESS can significantly reduce renewable curtailment by storing excess energy generated by renewable energy sources. The clean energy stored in the BESS can later be used to minimize operation of existing thermal generators, enhance demand response initiatives, and enable customers to participate in the energy arbitrage market.

Energy density and efficiency of the BESS is critical as these factors determine the ability to store more energy when required.

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Component 5- About Energy Storage Division
  • Vertically Integrated from Cell to System
  • Captive supply
  • Proven NMC 622 cells and BESS solutions
  • High Energy, High Power, High Cycle Life
  • Modular system allows flexibility and scalability
  • Engineering support team for pre and post sale integration
  • Use case and system modeling and simulation
  • Global presence in NA, EMEA and APAC
Modular, Purpose Built Energy Storage

SolarEdge BESS for utility are designed and developed to meet various use cases and loads.