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The SolarEdge Battery Rack System provides support for load leveling, peak shaving, black start, frequency regulation, and other use cases for C&I and Utility markets.

Its small footprint, high density, modular and scalable design, and compatibility with various PCS (Power Conversion Systems), provides system integrators, EPCs, and developers flexibility and agility during design, installation and commissioning stages of the BESS.

The system has been widely installed in utilities, micro-grids, off-grids and C&I environments, either attached to renewable energy sources or the grid.

Features and Benefits

  • Modularity - Modules, racks, peripherals and containers can be shipped separately and complemented by the customer’s choice of local/on-site components
  • Scalability – from KWh to MWh
  • Fit for Purpose – We deploy deep engineering skills against a planned mission profile to help size the proper BESS, manage risks and meet the desired objectives from BOL to EOL.
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SolarEdge BESS Racks

SolarEdge Energy and Power Racks are embedded with smart management systems and feature multi-layered safety mechanisms that strive to ensure safe and reliable operation of the system.

The modularity of SolarEdge Racks allows flexibility in design and ease of installation. SolarEdge Racks are scalable from several kWh up to a MWh.

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SolarEdge BESS Modules

Fit for purpose: The module flexible design allows multiple combinations that can accommodate different voltage and capacity requirements.

Each module contains a dedicated BMS which monitors the voltage and temperature of individual cells and equalizes the voltage amongst the cells.

comp3_Thermal Control

Thermal Control

SolarEdge BESS Modules have optimal thermal management capabilities. Heat dissipating venting design helps air flow and optimize the operational life of the cells.

SolarEdge Modules can also be equipped with cooling fans as an option for applications that require high power operations.

comp3_  Certification

Scalability, Certifications, Maintenance

SolarEdge Racks support high power operations and can store up to 200kWh of energy per Rack.

The operation and safety of each Rack is controlled by a smart management system which meets international functional safety standards.

SolarEdge Modules are built to ensure cell-to-cell separation and designed to facilitate safe and convenient handling and maintenance.

Customer Testimonials

Battery Cells, Modules, Racks and Containerized Solutions

We drive battery innovation and energy storage solutions for today’s sustainable C&I infrastructures,
enabling scalable, robust, safe, and cost-efficient systems that are fit for purpose.

High Energy Density, High Power, High Cycle Life

SolarEdge End-To-End BESS solution is designed to meet the most demanding use cases and help you scale as you grow. Let’s connect.